6 week MindSet & Nutritional Therapy Program

About Denise Harris-Heigho

I am a NLP Practitioner Coach, Energy Practitioner, Reiki Master, Nutritional Therapist.

I am curious about how the mind works and the effect of energy on our mind and bodies. Whilst on my journey I have been blessed with incredibly good health and have always been drawn to healthy food. I noticed how sluggish I felt when I was not eating for my optimal health. Not just physically sluggish but mentally too. This led me to qualify as a Nutritional Therapist and a Detox Specialist to really understand what was happening.


My mission is to help others like me understand themselves, heal and connect with their inner-mind so that they can successfully unleash the dormant potential within.

I share with people how to attract positive energy and I show them how to harness this positive energy and channel it towards the development of positive thinking patterns.  The benefit is that you will be able to get on track to living your dream.

We all practice thought patterns on an unconscious level, and the byproducts of thoughts are emotions and feelings in our physical bodies.

Therefore, if we are practicing negative thought patterns on autopilot, then we are automatically in a habitual state of dis-ease, unhappiness and living unfulfilled lives.

As we take this journey of growth and exploration the moment we take responsibility for our lives as our own creation, that is the beginning of transformation from our limiting beliefs.

Working on our mind set, limiting beliefs and blocks can have a profound impact on our emotional and physical well-being.

Nutritional Therapy Program

The basis of our Nutritional Therapy program is to identify possible nutrient deficiencies and to build a personalised program, tailored for you. I believe in building health by giving the body the correct foods and nutrients it requires.

“Everyone has a different biochemistry, genetic makeup and nutrient needs, so what works for you, may not work for someone else.” For that reason, I work with science-based questionnaires and advanced tools to pinpoint the unique needs of each individual and to build a personalised program that works to:-

  • Identify any nutritional deficiencies
  • Improvement of health symptoms
  • Optimise good health
  • Assess your general health and take into account your unique dietary needs and design a personalised nutritional plan to:-

-Contain all the essential components

-Correct nutrient deficiencies

-Alleviate health symptoms

  • Provide guidelines for a balanced intake of nutrients and hydration
  • Encouraged to follow a varied diet and healthy lifestyle
  • Check on food intake through questions and dietary journals
  • Monitor symptom and health improvements
  • Adjust an eating plan where necessary
  • Inform about the benefits of proper nutrition and self-care

Nutrition Consultations

Offering you private consultations at my London clinics and via my virtual consultation room

Booking the consultation

Contact me to make a booking for your consultation. On confirmation of booking, you will be sent a health questionnaire which is a comprehensive review of your health symptoms, lifestyle, goals, and a 3-day food diary.

The questionnaire must be returned to via email for preliminary analysis before the initial consultation. This will help me to identify possible lifestyle and dietary factors which could be contributing to your health concerns and builds a picture of your health history.

You will be asked to bring/ list any medication or supplements that you are currently taking. Continue to take any medication as normal; do not stop any medication without your doctor’s consent.

Together we will agree on your health goals.

At your consultation:

You will meet with Denise (me) for a one-to-one 60-minute one-to-one consultation. The questionnaire will be used as the basis for further investigation of your case history, medications, current diet and lifestyles. Together you will agree on your health goals for the consultation, using this, I will work with you to agree on a realistic programme for you to follow.

You can expect:

  • A full explanation of my understanding of your health concerns.
  •  A discussion on foods that may be contributing to your ailments.
  • Suggestions of foods that may help alleviate your symptoms and the link explained.
  •  The explanation of any vitamin and mineral deficiencies and advice on ways to correct these.
  •  A detailed nutritional programme including diet, lifestyle and/ or supplements tailored to suit you.
  • A discussion of your treatment timeline, which will be included in your programme.
  • The recommendation and discussion of any additional functional laboratory tests.
After the consultation:

You will receive a 2 week programme to follow before returning to the clinic for your follow-up consultation. If you should have any questions or feedback during this time your therapist is available via email with a guaranteed 48 hour response time.

Follow up consultation/s

Follow up consultations work on the same principle as the initial but will last  45-60 minutes. This is recommended to review your programme and see which of the recommendations have worked well for you.

You can expect:

  • A full review of the programme
  •  Adaptation of the programme in light of any difficulties experienced in following it.
  •  Addressing of any new symptoms / change in circumstances since the last consultation.
  • A detailed nutritional programme for the next stage of your treatment:  including diet, lifestyle and/ or supplements tailored to suit you

If you would like any further information on our services or to book a consultation please send us a message via contact us page.


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