Before my coaching sessions, I was stuck giving away all my talent for free and struggling to make a living. Having a conversation with Denise about what coaching could do for me lead me to book the coaching package with her.

The sessions were liberating, exciting and downright awesome! I gained an understanding of the limitless potential at my fingertips. As a result, I achieved an initial £12,500 income which was not there before and much more significant sums in the pipeline. I now feel more confident tackling bigger projects. This confidence is snowballing in a most profound way, enabling me to be so much more in control of my life.

I would recommend this coaching package in a heartbeat. The return on investment of time and money is exponential. Speak with me personally and I will assure you of the powerful resource you tap into in securing coaching with Denise.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with her.


Doug New – Surrey, UK New Business Magic

Before doing my coaching sessions with Denise I kept facing many problems in my life. I did not feel in control, I felt episodes of frustration and sadness… My work, my love life, my free time: all needed improvements. It seemed I wasn’t exactly living the life I wanted and felt unhappy.


A dear friend recommended Denise to me.  I also talked to Denise and felt a good connection with her straight away.


The sessions were great, we had very intense and constructive sessions. It involved a lot of my energy she digs deep down into my beliefs and emotions to get to know myself well.  That can take time and can be scary but Denise makes it feel fun and exciting!


The sessions helped me gain a tremendous self-awareness I would not have gained otherwise, face my deepest fears and take action. Denise helps you get to know the limiting beliefs you have about yourself, those that actually jeopardize your success and happiness!


I felt our sessions were extremely empowering as she gave me the key to unlock those limiting beliefs and actually focus on a better, happier life…

It has been an amazing journey… She has helped me see life from a different angle and make the most of it. Before, I only focused on problems and guess what? I faced many problems in my life. Now, new solutions come up every day and I see a steady progress. I feel much happier, more confident, tremendously more fulfilled and much closer to my dream life now than when I started my sessions with Denise!

I strongly recommend Denise as a coach to anyone interested in their personal growth!



Miss F. Spain

I had lots of desires that were just dreams sitting in a file cabinet in the back of my mind. I had aspirations to do them one day but with no specific time line. I have always been ambitious but my mind was cloudy and lacking focus due to a traumatic series of changes in my life within a six-month period; leaving my spouse, leaving my marital home, leaving my job and leaving the country I loved.
I had lost me and finding me was imperative.

I was actually quite cynical about the whole situation but as I had recently had some coaching with a US based coach, I was open to what could be different being coached in the UK.
Denise and I had worked on an anthology together with some contact, and even though I consider myself a great connector, (it’s one of my natural strengths) not much of a connection had been made between us, not in the way I normally connect.
After a brief discussion, I went to meet Denise, always having been a curious person, I was interested in what she had to say, with a strong thought that I probably wasn’t going to go past the Connecting Circles meeting.
My cynical stance was ”I’m from NY, seen everything, done everything, what else could she possibly bring to the table???”
I must preface this by saying, even with this approach; I’m almost always open to doing anything once!

My first experience with the Connecting Circles was phenomenal. I was blown away! Because in my mind I had painted the path of where this session was going to go – nowhere!
And even throughout Connecting Circles exercise, I was enjoying every moment of it but still spent a lot of time thinking, “where are we going with this?”

From that session forward it has been glorious. It’s suffice to say, I look forward with eager anticipation to my weekly coaching session. Nothing can get in the way of this meeting. I’m addicted! I LOVE IT and HER! I really do!
I felt as though Denise had the ability to climb inside of my body, my mind and my head and get me to unleash, all that has been sitting dormant for so long.

I love Denise’s approach; compassionate, kind, open and ALWAYS safe. I have not had this type of experience except with two other women in my life one of which is now deceased. It’s been deep and cathartic. Simply wonderful.

I learned to acknowledge and believe in characteristics that I wouldn’t say I was ignoring about myself but that I didn’t recognize or understand the power of. It wasn’t that I was afraid; I just don’t believe I really understood how powerful I am. I have always tapped in to my intuition, spirituality and ambitious desires, but I never fully realized the potential until Denise came into my life.
I am now aware, how intuitive I am and how well I manifest with ease and grace. I am. And I am not afraid of the power; instead, I revel in it and use it all the time. It’s powerful and not scary at all in fact the opposite, it’s exciting.
I have also embarked on my investigative spiritual journey for the first time in a way that is so different and yet so comfortable for me.

I have learned that I hold the key to my own success in the action of doing and believing. It’s really that simple.
I was excited by the possibilities, now I am euphoric by the realities!

The main result is that I am in doing mode and no longer in just talking or thinking mode.

We have a session and I execute. We approach it in many ways, some conventional some not. But what is most exhilarating is that each session is different, I don’t know what to expect, and I don’t want to know what to expect, I am always in discovery and learning mode. It’s just so beautiful.
I have achieved so much in a short space of time. The fact of the matter is there is NO WAY; I would have achieved this on my own without Denise.

To list a few results; I am in the process of – completing my book about relationships, an online course, creating my Joy Practitioner Course and other big aspirations which I shan’t divulge at this time – however, it would be suffice to say, I am taking on the world! Watch this space . . .

I was always confident, but now I am confident in a different way. I dream big but the difference now those dreams are no longer dreams rather realistic desires and I now know what I need to do make those dreams come to fruition. I feel powerful, focused and excited at what lies next around the corner.

Having always been a non-conformist, this experience with Denise has taken me back to the 18 year old woman, I once was who moved to NY on her own to explore, excite and ignite America.

Denise, has enlightened me and supported me to do the reverse – to explore, excite and ignite the UK and the world! How amazing is that????

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Denise to everyone I know.
Denise is an amazing woman and walks with an invisible halo with grace and style. You would be remiss to not be coached by Denise. She has shaped and changed my life, and if you are open, perhaps you will be fortunate enough to have the same experience?

M Lowe, Relationship Event Planner – NY, USA

Before my (breakthrough) sessions with Denise I thought I had got to the root of everything which was holding me back & that maybe she could help me with some practical action steps to move me forward. But she totally blew me away. She got right to a huge obstacle which I hadn’t been able to see fully & which was really stopping me from shining.

After that I was able to come from a completely different place in approaching my business & it was so freeing!

Denise is the perfect blend of being extremely professional but extremely intuitive & she can use both to create an amazing space for transformation. If you are hesitating to contact her, don’t! She will carefully & skillfully move you forward in exactly the right way for you at this moment & champion your success. I can’t recommend her highly enough.’

Sian Morgan Internationally Published Author & Psychologist

When we set up the appointment there were no “issues” I wanted to address – nothing was worrying me particularly but there was a pretty big breakdown in communications between me and my stepdaughter to be in the week I came to see you. As I reflect back, I was very angry and frustrated and felt pretty justified in taking a “hard-line” approach.
A recommendation from a friend and a gut feeling brought me to you! I also believe very strongly in the power of sacred geometry and tapping into higher consciousness so I was intrigued and curious. I know that only increased self-awareness and wisdom can come from opening oneself up to opportunities such as these!

I loved the session, the work with circles and colours very quickly became totally captivating and very unconscious – which revealed so much about my thoughts, emotions and as a result my actions that I was not aware of. Working with this information was very powerful – the focus on what lies behind it revealed a deep fear, which I can see was a block to me progressing in most things in life. The integration was enlightening and very empowering. I loved the way it let me incorporate as aspect of myself I was resisting and which was holding me back from stepping forward with my purpose!

Although I thought I was being very fair in my communications our work in the session made clear that I was bringing a hostile energy and resisting allowing the troubled relationship I was having. I think the crux came when we identified my blocks around the word “persecution” – this lies at the heart of so much for me.

I realise I was feeling “persecuted” and so my instinct was to get defensive. Following our work together I focussed on letting go of my anger and offering an olive branch in my troubled relationship. At first it was very difficult but as soon as I did it all the anger vanished and the response I received was very positive. All anger and hostility evaporated. It was also amazing to see the impact this had on others around us too – not so much consciously, but there seemed to be a greater ease in all wider family communications too.

The integration part of the process was a most powerful tool to bring this about.

I also found courage to move forward towards fulfilling my purpose. I always knew what it was but fear was holding me back. With the aspect of myself that I feared integrated, I felt no more internal resistance and am now working on a strategy to move me towards living as my authentic self.

So in short connoting circles unblocked and empowered me and brought not only clarity about my path but also enabled an experience that allowed me to “see” the grid. I very much look forward to what’s to come! :).

Natalie Lefrebre, UK www.

Before working with you I was aware of my power and talent but I felt as if this force was kept closed inside me and I could not find the way to open the right door. I booked coaching with you because of the instant connection and sense of trust you inspired in me. It was wonderful! I felt totally safe, unconditionally accepted and it felt like you were drawing energy out of me.
I became aware and benefitted from a higher level of clarity you gave me about myself and my life. The connecting circle session helped me to connect everything and it all made sense. You helped me to open those doors that were holding my talent and expanded my world in terms of future possibilities and strategies to realize my dream life.
I have just completed the first draft of my book and it took me only 30 days. I did not know it was possible before meeting you. I will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you :0).
Stefi, London

Stefi – London, UK

“As someone who has known Denise for a very long time, I have always recognised that she is naturally a very motivational person. I had been diagnosed with PTSD and quite honestly had just become stuck in a rut of simply not believing in myself at all.
I don’t quite know how she did it but in just two sessions, Denise had boosted my confidence and got me feeling so much more positive about everything. I went from literally feeling lost to fully realising what a brilliant job I do as a new Mum and I am now getting ready to go back to work part time in a new challenging role.
Denise’s ability to listen and understand helped me to realise that nothing is too difficult if you want it enough.”

Claire – London

Denise is a masterful NLP practitioner and an intuitive coach who asks penetrating questions while creating a “safe” environment for going deep.

She used both of these skills in insightful coaching sessions, the most memorable was when she helped me overcome a several-year fear of cold-calling prospects.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Denise for several months and I’m always the better for our sessions. Thank you Denise; I look forward to continuing our connection.

Marty Warner, MBA-Marketing, Licensed Business Coach- Tuscon, USA

I realized I have been sitting on a goldmine of knowledge, experience and teachings….. We were really dragging our feet through the swamps of our subconscious in our sessions, I mean, really getting wet with sweat and tears to a point where I thought ‘I thought I was ‘OVER’ this stuff’….(sound familiar?)
Then afterwards it was like a light bulb of a 1000W went on….

Jeanet Annoff – Netherlands

I would not have anticipated in a million years that one coaching session can make such a profound shift as yours did today for me. Life changing.

Zdeslav Hrepic, Physics Lecturer and Transformational Coach – Columbus, USA

I went to see Denise in March 2013, her Connecting Circles work sounded intriguing and I was curious how it could help me and my business. The Circles worked well, helping me determine where I wanted my business to go. Denise was excellent in knowing what questions to ask and when to help me step outside my comfort zone. She helped me to think about my business at a completely different level. But that wasn’t all. I had been having problems with anxiety and it was interfering with my work. Denise worked with me to release it – and it stopped. For me it seemed like a miracle. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you.


I have had the honour and privilege of working with Denise, she is empathetic, understanding, encouraging and supportive. She has great tools and knowledge to impart and has been such a leading light in my life since I have known her.
Whenever I am stuck I know I can get the help, support answers and encouragement from her on the lessons, understanding that I am lacking to help me move forward and get what I want.
She lifts me when I am down or stuck and encourages me all the way with great ideas so that I am even better than I thought I was. Denise has great integrity and I know I can totally trust her will all my s..t and emotions. I have the greatest respect for her and can only say how lucky I am to have found her.
Thank you Denise for everything and being the wonderful you that you are, your understanding, help, support and encouragement has made such a difference in my life.
I do not really have the words but bless you. Love and most respectfully.

Kathryn MacKellar

Over the past year, I feel truly grateful for the help and coaching I have received from Denise. She has a wonderful way of listening with empathy, and understands exactly the essence of any problems and issues.
When I have been stuck she has guided me through my comfort zones and always respected my values at the same time. I love the fact that she thinks creatively and always sees the bigger picture whilst at the same time has a knowing of the root problem.

Denise has a wealth of knowledge and experience and speaks from the heart. I always come off the phone buzzing with motivation and self belief.

Thank you Denise, I look forward to speaking with you again this coming year!

Nicola Trett

A year ago Denise offered to spend some time talking through my business objectives to see if she could help me to develop it. I thought I would take her up on her offer. The results of our meeting were inspirational and instrumental in building my confidence to take my business to the next level. Denise worked closely with me for six months where we shared ideas and inspiration. My business has grown from strength to strength since then as I have put into practise many of the ideas we explored at the time. I am grateful to Denise for showing me that there is nothing standing in the way of business development except for our own limitations. Thank you for your encouragement, wisdom and friendship!

Colette Pienaar

From time to time, we should stop and assess all that we take for granted. Over our lives we amass much wisdom, many connections and riches you can’t deposit in a conventional bank. Denise’s process is both elegant and mind expanding. So stop going a-round in circles, book yourself in for Connecting Circle session with Denise.

Tom Evans
author of Flavours of Thought

I didn’t realize I was going in circles until I had a connecting circles session with Denise, I thought I was moving lineary forward! The calm and carefully designed circles session allowed patterns, thoughts & ideas to emerge and then connect in a totally unexpected way – creating for me a whole new clarity and clear way forward – thanks alot! ‘ 🙂


Connecting Circles .. I hadn’t realised just how important they were for me until I worked with Denise. Circles, cycles, joining, leading, ending, starting, completing and continuing. With such a unique insight and twist, Denise lead me effortlessly through her process, round my circles and I found myself going straight, at last!

Jackie Walker