Denise Harris

Passionate about making a difference and helping people to unleash their innate gifts and talents so that they resonate with who they truly are turning their dreams into reality. I empower my clients leaving them transformed and elevated, living a life of fulfilment, freedom and prosperity.

Hi, I am Denise Harris, when I started my training journey in this field, back in 2008, I had no desire to be a coach!

You see, my background is financial services & software. I had grown and sold successful businesses in a short time and lived in the corporate world. The success I found was not  what I expected it to be. From the outside looking in, I had it all.  But, I was miserable. I turned to a Coach for help and guidance.

After working with her for 3 months, she then suggested that I train in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and Energy practitioner and Hypnotherapy I initially had no interest. I did not want to be a “coach” not fully appreciating the positive effects that it had had on my life at the time.

Thankfully, she was persistent. What a transformational couple of years they were.

I was miserable back then. It shocked me to the core when my coach told me that I had created all the things around me that I didn’t want in my life. No way! Why would I do something like that to myself, I thought. It was the defining moment when I chose to create a life full of what I really did want.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I regularly heard from friends, family and acquaintances who thanked me for what I had done. This expanded to people I met less regularly, at business events, dinners, coffee mornings, and even at my son’s rugby matches – they would later contact me in gratitude for changing their lives. This was all unbeknownst to me and it was then that the penny dropped. These were people who had shared things with me that they hadn’t shared with others and I effortlessly did what I do, without giving it a second thought! I absolutely love what I do and am honoured to witness amazing transformations. 

Fulfilling and abundant lives are borne from connecting with our gifts, dreams and desires, enabling us to move from darkness to light.


Nutritional Therapy & Detox Specialist

.."was a no brainer for me"

Becoming a Nutritional Therapist and Detox Specialist was a no brainer for me (read detox mind and body) and essential for the times we now live in.

I have two incredible sons who teach me so much about myself and life. I have blessed with an amazing family.

I love travelling, being in nature, socialising, continual learning, merging science with spirituality to name a few.

So, there you have it, a tiny glimpse about me.

I have created these products and services for you. To help you with your journey. Believe me when I say that many of the things you are experiencing or have experienced, I have been there so can resonate.


The guidance, tools and techniques I share will ease the journey for you. It will help get you to where you want to be in the shortest possible time.

Connecting Circles have incredible results.

As you get to know me I will share with you how Connecting Circles came about and from it The Manifesto Life and Mind my Weight.

You truly can have the life you desire. All in divine timing. I am here to guide and support you in doing so.

 I am not done yet, I continually do the work on myself. I am still work in progress.

To your resonant living

With love


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