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Having your own book can open doors of opportunity for you that you never imagined

Using the Connecting Circles Method leverages the personal and professional knowledge and expertise or story to produce the book that is inside you waiting to be birthed.

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You have been promising to write your book for years. Maybe you have already started it but just never seem to find the time to finish it.


You find the whole process rather daunting and time consuming.

You don’t feel confident enough to write it on your own.

You would love to write a book however you are unsure what it is to be about

You don’t feel their is an audience for your message

You are suffering from imposter syndrome


This unique Connecting Circles Method helps you to find what your story is and share it without having to write very much at all.

Amazon best seller – The Art of Resonant Living was #1 in the Spiritual Women category and #2 in Spiritual Growth

 The CC Method includes:-

– Mindset Coaching

-Releasing any blocks around your book

-Pulling it all together with ease

-Book formatting

-Book publishing

-Increasing your visibility

-Partnership opportunities

Customers reviews

What people say?

... I have just completed the first draft of my book and it took me only 30 days. I did not know it was possible before meeting you. Thank you. I will highly recommend you to others.
Stephanie C
NLP Practitioner
...I didn't have one book in me, I had three and Denise helped me to unleash them all!

Sian Morgan
...due to my increased growth and confidence I have now almost completed writing my life hack book...

Richard W

"You are destined for success"

Every coaching program begins with the Connecting Circles Method ™. The Connecting Circles method helps to connect the web of remembering, the circle of awareness, connections, desires, goals, allowing solutions, shifts and expansion.