Whether it is Business, Personal or Health & Wellness coaching you seek you may be experiencing some of the following words:-

Disappointment – Disapproval – Dismay – Disillusioned – Disgruntled – Dissonance – Dispassionate – Disrespect – Disheartened – Dispute – Discord

Apart from wanting to enjoy more freedom, flexibility, abundance and unleashing your genius, you may want:-

Energised – Enjoyment -Enthusiasm – Enhancement – Enlightened – Enlivening – Engagement

Renewal – Remembering – Rebalanced – Rejuvenated – Rebirth – Reawakening – Rekindled – Resonance – Reinvention – Restoration -Renewal  Revival – Refreshed

If you would like to explore what the Connecting Circles Method could do for you get in touch.

90 days Coaching 1:1 or Group coaching or Online courses

You want to: -

We are all stars here to Shine

Align with your superpowers


Tell your story

Awaken your true resonant being

 Identify your innate gifts

Find & Live your purpose

Reframe your story

 Unleash your dormant powers

Make a positive impact

Better health

 Enhanced self-belief

 To hit your personal and professional goals

You want to improve your work/life balance

Increased prosperity


Increased confidence

Connect to your highest potential

Create your vision

Doing MORE of what you really love to do

Empowered momentum

Living your desired life

Doing something you love

Increased abundance

Sharing your story

Writing your book with ease

Harmonious connections

Raised vibration

Personal and Professional goal achievement

It has been an amazing journey… She has helped me see life from a different angle and make the most of it. Before, I only focused on problems and guess what? I faced many problems in my life. Now, new solutions come up every day and I see a steady progress. I feel much happier, more confident, tremendously more fulfilled, and much closer to my dream life now than when I started my sessions with Denise! I absolutely strongly recommend Denise as a coach to anyone interested in their personal growth!
Miss F, Spain

"You are destined for success"

Every coaching program begins with the Connecting Circles Method ™. The Connecting Circles method helps to connect the web of remembering, the circle of awareness, connections, desires, goals, allowing solutions, shifts and expansion.


Finding and connecting the elements that cause an increase or decrease in vibrations and receive knowing and feedback.

It allows for focus and growth in every area of life and business. The ultimate goal for many people  is freedom to live their dream life.  

...Every day I look forward to what might come my way and am continually looking forward to what will manifest in my life but at the same time being happy with what I have. Finally, being able to take a deep breath and know for sure that everything is going to be fine, actually better than fine. For the first time ever there is a genuine excitement about my future like becoming an author and taking my life to new heights and new places. All of this has been achieved by working on my mind with guidance and more importantly being happy about who I am which up until now I have never been. In a nutshell thanks to Denise and her teachings and patience with me my future is so bright. Denise has helped me to raise my vibration to a level where my desires and dreams are in touching distance...
Richard, London