authorThe Art of Resonant Living Volume 2

I am looking for 15 ambitious, goal oriented and driven people who want to be an author in the next edition of my book, The Art of Resonant Living.

Navigating life  can be one of the most scary, lonely, and isolating experiences and we all have had disappointments, emotional trauma and losses, but this book is about how you may have overcome the disharmony and challenges in your life and arrived at a better place. It is about recognising the talents you were unaware you had, the gifts the challenges may have brought, the tools and techniques you used to live a more resonant life, how capable you are and what  skills and learnings that helped you fulfil your present life, your goals, personal and business dreams.

I want you to be a best-selling author with a message that will help and impact others.

If you have a life lesson or lesson that you want to share with the world, become a best-selling author and even have this book with your name on the cover then I want to talk to you.

Best of all, if you have always wanted to become a published book author, but you have been held back because it will take too much work to write a full book all alone, or you are not very experienced or comfortable expressing yourself in writing or maybe because English is a second language for you, don’t worry.

I have a unique method for helping you find what your story is and sharing it without you having to actually write a word.

You’ll be able to work one on one with me to refine your message, create a clear story outline and take it through a professional editing process, in a very short period of time.

This will be a book you can proudly sell, show, or give to anyone and they will be immediately impressed by you.

Having your own book can open doors of opportunity for you that you never imagined. If you are willing to invest your time, your story, and a small amount of money then I would to talk to you.

I can also guarantee that this book will be featured on multiple affiliate news sites such as ABC, FOX, NBC, and CBS as well as well as some other prominent online news sites.

You provide the story, make any necessary changes and we will do the rest including showing you how to create your own Amazon page where you can order copies of your book at wholesale prices.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please get in contact. I am publishing The Art of Resonant Living Volume 1 this SUMMER and The Art of Resonant Living Volume 2 this Autumn 2016.

  • “Before working with you I was aware of my power and talent but I felt as if this force was kept closed inside me and I could not find the way to open the right door. I booked coaching with you because of the instant connection and sense of trust you inspired in me. It was wonderful! I felt totally safe, unconditionally accepted and it felt like you were drawing energy out of me. I became aware and benefitted from a higher level of clarity you gave me about myself and my life. The connecting circle session helped me to connect everything and it all made sense. You helped me to open those doors that were holding my talent and expanded my world in terms of future possibilities and strategies to realize my dream life. I have just completed the first draft of my book and it took me only 30 days. I did not know it was possible before meeting you. I will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you :0)”. Stefi, London

    “…I have achieved so much in a short space of time. The fact of the matter is there is NO WAY; I would have achieved this on my own without Denise. To list a few results; I am in the process of – completing my book about relationships, an online course, creating my Joy Practitioner Course and other big aspirations which I shan’t divulge at this time – however, it would be suffice to say, I am taking on the world! Watch this space . . . I was always confident, but now I am confident in a different way. I dream big but the difference now those dreams are no longer dreams rather realistic desires and I now know what I need to do make those dreams come to fruition. I feel powerful, focused and excited at what lies next around the corner. Having always been a non-conformist, this experience with Denise has taken me back to the 18 year old woman, I once was who moved to NY on her own to explore, excite and ignite America. Denise, has enlightened me and supported me to do the reverse – to explore, excite and ignite the UK and the world! How amazing is that???? I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Denise to everyone I know.”


    Michelle, NY USA